Ideas with momentum

Do you have a great idea to solve key challenges in your world?

Spark your entreprenerial spirit with guaranteed weekly peer and expert support to give you unstoppable momentum.

Launching in June 2022

Who is Oxogen.io

Born from a tech startup consultancy working with loads of people with amazing ideas, our experience has shown how important it is to get good advice from the beginning.It is so easy to feel stuck, lost and alone when you are starting something new but accessing the right advice is so hard!We developed Oxogen.io to make awesome advice accessible for all.


Incredible advisers

Our advisers have helped hundreds of ideas become successful startups.


Learn from people like you

There are many other people who have gone through what you are experiencing now. Learn together and grow together.

How we help

Solving important problems and building a business requires a lot of input.At Oxogen.io you can find the help you need to keep moving week after week. Taking your idea into a fully formed successful business you love.

  • Understand how to take your first steps through to launching your business

  • Focus on consistent progress while staying healthy and fitting it into your life.

  • Find out how to apply the books and courses to your idea

  • Learn to make best use of your resources and budget

  • Find out how to bootstrap or get the right funds

"Working with Oxogen.io I feel energised and focused"

Iheanyi Arukwe- Founder of WorkHalls

What to expect

  • Each week we guide you through sharing a short update to the community. Just a few short lines, thats all.

  • You review and share your thoughts on at least three updates. Your perspective can be incredibly valuable.

  • Oxogen consultants lend their extensive knowledge to updates.

  • Over time you build your Momentum Score earning more and more support from our in-house consultants and vetted industry advisers.

"I’m starting to find this stuff quite interesting!
What have you done to me?!"

Adrian Marciante - Co-Founder of OpenSet

What support do I get?

Ideas become successes when they are supported from day 1. So that's just how we have designed our global community.

  • From Day 1 you are guaranteed insightful input from the deep experience of the Oxogen community.

  • On all plans, your second update, in week 2, will receive your first Oxogen Consultant advice.

  • Founder members maintaining a Momentum Score of over 1000 (as soon as month two) earn monthly Oxogen Mentor input. Highly engaged members maintaining a score greater than 1500 will get weekly Oxogen input.

  • Founders demonstrating strong momentum, in the top 5% each month, will get a free 1-2-1 video mentoring session with an Oxogen Consultant.

We don't want to sound like a bad TV advert - "but wait, there's more!"

  • Book free 15min slots during our weekly office hours. Drop by and talk it through.

  • We hold online events to talk and collaborate on your specific challenges.

  • Our articles give you simple and easy-to-understand support on key aspects of your journey.

Monthly Pricing

Select the plan you like the sound of below to join the no commitment waitlist.

First month free



Community plan includes:

  • Guaranteed advice each week

  • Weekly group video meetings

  • Informative content

  • Access to guest advisors

no commitment at his time



Begin earning your Momentum Score to unlock:

  • One to one video mentoring

  • Up to weekly Oxogen Consultant advice

  • Join our weekly office hours

  • and everything in the Community plans

no commitment at his time



Immediate access to:

  • Monthly one to one video calls with your dedicated Oxogen Consultant

  • Your consultant will input into each of your weekly updates.

  • and everything else in the Founder and Community plans

no commitment at his time

Our Team

Profile Photo

Phil Wakefield

Phil has had over a decade of experience working with startups and tech. He is the founder of Oxogen and OpenSet and advises MedTech and University programmes

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Rakesh Shah

Startup Finance Director who knows how to make the money work from idea, to growth to exit.

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Dr Mike Holman

Mike is a founder, programmer and doctor. His experience includes Financial, Medical and Education technology.

Profile Photo

Lisa Rickers

Nurse and entrepreneur bringing the confidence to innovate to underrepresented audiences.

Profile Photo

Howard Feather

Howard has been advising businesses for years to form and grow. His perspective is invaluable when making key business decisions.

Profile Photo

Robert Flint

Robert is a Lawyer and LawTech founder with a wealth of legal and business experience.

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Tom Noble

Tom is a multi-time founder and no-code guru. A great combination for helping tech startups launch their product.

"With Oxogen.io expertise, we were able to refine our vision and optimise our product development"

Dr Ellis Parry - Founder of Neumind

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